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Wine Australia Licensing and Approval System

New wine export approvals software

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Australia's wine export controls are administered through Wine Australia’s Licensing and Approval System (WALAS). WALAS allows users to:

  • apply online for a licence to export, register products and apply for shipping approval
  • upload labels
  • edit shipping details
  • apply for export documents
  • manage associated exporters
  • make payments online, and
  • manage account access.


Login to WALAS

Online training

Wine Australia is offering online training modules for WALAS to introduce users to key aspects of the new software system. The training is free and can be repeated as often as required.

Click here to access

Training modules can be interrupted and restarted as often as required. Quick Reference Guides are included with most modules. The training is not compulsory but is highly recommended.

It is suggested that you start with module 0.1 WALAS quick start introduction and then progress through the modules best suited to your requirements.

Freight and shipping logistics agencies

One of the key WALAS improvements is that shipping and freight businesses are set up in WALAS accounts allowing shipping exemptions to be completed on-line anytime.

To help shipping and freight businesses adapt to WALAS Wine Australia has created on-line tutorials on how to use the WALAS software. The tutorials relevant to freight and shipping agents include:

  • 0.0 Create an account (5m 34s)
  • 0.1 WALAS quick start guide (9m 30s)
  • 1.3 Apply for a shipping exemption (8m 12s)

The tutorials can be accessed here and takes you through to an on-line training platform. You will need to register for the platform to access the training tutorials.

The tutorials are short – and are accompanied by downloadable quick reference guides to help refresh memories while accessing WALAS.

What do you need to do?

When you are ready to apply for your next shipping exemption undertake WALAS tutorials on ‘How to set up an account’ and ‘How to apply for a shipping exemption’, then go to the Wine Australia website and follow the prompts to WALAS and set up your account and apply for the exemption.

As a reminder

Shipping exemption categories include:

  • Shipments under 100 litres – defined as a consignment made up of 1 exporter, or 1 or more related exporters; on 1 ship or aircraft; to a single port of discharge; whether or not to 1 consignee;
  • Contained in the personal luggage of a traveller;
  • For the household of an individual who is moving;
  • For display at a trade fair or comparable event;
  • For a scientific or technical purpose;
  • For diplomatic or consular establishments as part of the duty-free allowance of the establishment;
  • For victualling supplies that are held on board a means of international transport;
  • Commercial samples for a prospective buyer.

Certificates and name changes

In June 2020 Wine Australia implemented WALAS – Wine Australia’s new Licensing and Approval System.

Wine Australia was previously called the Australian Grape and Wine Authority. On 6 November 2017 the Australian Grape and Wine Authority Amendment (Wine Australia) Act 2017 came into force. That Act changed the name of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority to Wine Australia.

Accordingly, import certificates generated in the new system will be issued in the name Wine Australia rather than  the Australian Grape and Wine Authority.

A sample of the new Certificate of Origin Certificates issued under the China- Australia Free Trade Agreement by the new system can be viewed here and a sample of the China Certificate of Free Sale here. A sample of the new Certificates of Origin issued by Wine Australia can be viewed here.

For any enquiries, please contact [email protected].

Frequently asked questions


Like all software systems WALAS requires maintenance and upgrading from time to time. 

To ensure optimum availability and to assist exporters in their planning we have identified 7pm -10pm ACT on Thursdays as the time that the system is least likely to be used and will schedule routine maintenance for that time. 

This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.