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US Market Entry Program

Interested in entering the US market?
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The US Market Entry program (MEP) our highly effective business matching program for wineries looking to enter the US market will return in our next fiscal year beginning July 1st.

Wine Australia will provide services designed to educate you about the intricacies of the US market (compliance, marketing, pricing and logistics) as well as assisting you in securing importation.

After tripling in size to meet demand in FY22, the expanded MEP team have a long-standing track record of matching wineries with sales partners in the US, as well as securing retail opportunities with key customers. Our latest export figures show that exports to the US above $10/litre grew 20% in 2021, with more wineries actively selling in the US than at any time since 2010. If you have been considering the US market, we encourage you to complete an EOI watch the informational webinar which was held on March 9. 

Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest open on the 15th Feb 2022 and close on the 17th of April 2022. 

Please fill out your details on the following form to express your interest in participating in the Market Entry Program 2022-2023.

The form is solely to gather participation interest, and does not register a winery for the program or any other obligations.

Please refer to the Market Entry Terms & Conditions 

 Wineries interested in entering, re-entering or expanding their presence in the US market 
Audience Importers, trade, distributors and media
Cost (AUD) ex GST $12,500.00


The state governments of South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia will support a limited number of spots in this program for FY22/23, so wineries interested in participating can apply for a 50% rebate from their respective state government. Please make sure you read the Participation Criteria.

Special conditions

  • Twelve bottles of six pre-selected SKUs will be required to complete the Market Entry Program.
  • Wineries will be responsible for the cost of shipping wine and any associated taxes/duties.
  • Wineries will be responsible for any additional travel or expenses associated with the program.
  • Wineries who have participated in previous Market Entry Programs will automatically be placed on a wait list. In the event that the FY23 program is not fully subscribed with new wineries, places may be
    made available to past participants. Wine Australia will communicate any opportunities after the EOI closes on April 17.
  • Please note the EOI eligibility for  the 50% rebate from South Australia is now closed. Whilst wineries from South Australia may still submit an EOI for the Market Entry Program, they will not be considered for the 50% rebate if registered later than 1 April, 2022.

Participation is subject to availability. 

Exact activities for FY ’23 are subject to change dependent on participation numbers and opportunities arising after print. 

For more information on the Market Entry Program, please email [email protected].

Informational Webinar

If you complete an EOI for the Market Entry Program, you would have been automatically registered for the informational webinar Introduction to US Market Entry, that was held on March 9th. This webinar outlined the mechanics of the program and anticipated outcomes to help confirm if it’s the right opportunity for your brand.

Please register to watch the webinar.

What and how

The program provides in-market support to wineries interested in entering or re-entering the US market. It also provides in depth brand strategy support to wineries ready to move commercially in the market. Activities include:

  • Deliver a customised business plan based upon your unique market goals
  • Create marketing tools and materials for use with US-based customers
  • Bring wine into the US market for samples and third party reviews
  • Send wines to US-based importers and distributors based upon customer interest
  • Encourage importer participation with fast-start dollars in the market
  • Support wineries with in-person importer meetings in various US cities, subject to COVID restrictions
  • Arrange and participate in importer meetings via video conferencing, as well as aid in negotiations
  • Reduced rates with a US-based law firm who are experts in wine laws and trademark issues

Wine Australia offers guidance and marketing support in communications, import logistics and trade outreach, to assist entry-to-market and brand exposure needs.

Collaboration with importer brokers, media outlets and key trade and media contacts will be a central focus of the Market Entry Program in FY'23. 

Note: Wine Australia will not negotiate pricing or other winery proprietary business information. Wine Australia provides exposure and facilitation assistance only. 

Wine selection

Wineries select up to six SKUs to feature. Please note for those wineries who are already on Connect, the six SKUs will be in addition to what you already have on Connect. 

Program deliverables

Wineries are guaranteed a comprehensive introduction to the US market, utilising shared trade, agency, and media resources.

  • Market strategy: Simplify brand and pricing strategy ensuring your winery is competitively positioned for the US market.
  • Trade exposure: Identify and target suitable import and distribution partners and facilitate subsequent meetings.
  • A full assessment of your route to market options via the three tiered system, alternate routes to market or a combination of both of them.
  • Wine Australia USA Market Entry coordination and participation in importer meetings 
  • Marketing your brand to our extensive network of importers and brokers and encouraging them to make connections through our CONNECT platform. 

What does success look like?

  • Provide wineries the knowledge and confidence to be self-sufficient in the US market.
  • Development of in-depth US market strategy.
  • Routes to market, go to market strategy, pricing, programming and compliance.
  • Facilitate customer meetings, with the goal of securing long term importer partnerships by the end of the program duration.
  • Give wineries options to choose the distribution strategy that is right for their needs.



For more information about the Wine Australia US Market Entry Program, please contact Damon Musha